Stay Present and Love Him: A Memoir
by Ann Maria Gila (2017)

From the back cover:

“There were sixteen years between the day we met and the day we married—including twelve years with little or no contact—and between us in those years, there had been three marriages to others, three divorces, one child, a fair share of lovers, and a cult. My god it was a miracle that we ever happened.

I always knew I loved him. He was slow to realize he loved me. I used to tell him he always had, even from the beginning. He never quite agreed and said of course he had always loved me . . . as a friend. I would smile, he would smile, and then he would say, ‘Whaaaat?’ This drawn-out ‘what’ with a grin was his response when he felt he had been caught in the truth.”

John and Ann met in early 1974 in the office of the Psychosynthesis Institute on Everett Avenue in Palo Alto, California. This book covers the first years of their friendship, the years that followed during which they had no contact, and the day in 1987 when John knocked on Annís door and said hello. Marriage followed in 1990, but it was not an easy path to that glorious October day in St. Dominicís church in San Francisco. The book continues and highlights some moments in the following eighteen years of their marriage.

To the best of their ability John and Ann lived the principles of psychosynthesis in their life together, and above all they looked to Spirit for guidance.

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