Personal and Transpersonal Growth

A student of philosophical and spiritual traditions of both East and West, Assagioli developed an approach which would address both the personal and transpersonal dimensions of human growth.

The personal dimension was seen to include the common tasks of Western psychotherapy: the healing of childhood wounding, the integration of the personality, and the development of a sense of individual identity and personal power. As Assagioli stated, this personal psychosynthesis involves the integration of material from the lower unconscious.

But too, Assagioli sought in include the dimension of experience beyond the personal sense of individuality. This dimension comprises the contents and energies of a more transpersonal or spiritual aspect of the human experience, involving such things as creative inspiration, mystical and peak experiences, spiritual insight, and unitive consciousness. Assagioli referred to this dimension as spiritual or transpersonal psychosynthesis, and held that this involved the integration of material from the higher unconscious.

These two dimensions of growth together comprise the psychospiritual “terrain” traveled on the path of Self-realization.