Psychosynthesis Circle

Psychosynthesis Circle is the exciting new creation of Marta Franca, Ann Gila, Betty Michaud, and Svetlana Tikhonova. Together, they are currently developing the Psychosynthesis Circle website.

Marta, Betty, and Svetlana were psychosynthesis students of John Firman and Ann Gila at the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology, the school from which they graduated, and they are now licensed therapists in California. For the past ten years, they have continued their study of psychosynthesis with Ann. They came together with the wish to continue, and move forward, the work of John and Ann.

This website will be composed of psychosynthesis resources, particularly those associated with the work of Firman and Gila, and will be added to as they become available. These resources will include:

  • Publications
  • Video interviews
  • Video role-play sessions, many followed with commentary from a psychosynthesis perspective
  • Workshops and presentations
  • A distance learning program
  • Video presentations focused on particular themes

A look into the future includes the following possibilities; (1) A Russian translation of A Psychotherapy of Love—it is in process, and Svetlana has found a Russian publisher for it; a distance learning program in Russian (Svetlana) and Portuguese (Marta); video recordings of psychosynthesis presentations for psychotherapy interns (Betty is currently making these presentations).

In the near future, look for the website ( and continue to follow it for resources that will be added as they become available.